I have killed my last home page, so I figured I could use the domain for my blog instead. So I will stop using this adress and just use juliess.com instead, its a bit easier 🙂

Soooo from now on:





2009 has been a year full of changes for me. I would say they were all good changes 🙂
PS: I have no clue why WordPress makes the pictures blurry, just right click and open them if you want to view the unblurred version..

Things I have done:
Went on a roadtrip to Sweden all alone, 400 km each way. (+)
Went to Sweden with Martine and her new car, bought 2kg of candy (+)
Went on a spontanious trip to England all alone (++)
– forgot to bring my camera to England (-)

Started gaming way too much in April (-)
Now I almost don’t game anymore (+)

Broke up with my x and we moved out of the old apartment (+++)
– I let my x take my youngest dog with him (-), but she is happy up there now (+)
Got a stepmum (<3)
Started studying (media) again (+)
Started drawing again (+)
I moved into a student house with 7 other people close to school and work (+)
I have started a new and more healthy way of living (++)
Have not had any tv channels for 2 years (imo: + )
Could finally do the piercing I have wanted for several years now that I’m single, the industrial (+)
Only cut my hair once (+?-)

I have found out that:
– If you want change, you can get it. You just have to dare jump in with both legs
– Love doesn’t last forever (sometimes for the better I guess, haha)
– Some friends are worth keeping in your life forever, other you shouldn’t use any energy on at all
– White Russian is the best drink ever made
– Going back to studying can be pretty hard !
– Life is what you make it

Any wishes for 2010 ?
I’m no fan of making alot of promises that can’t be kept anyway. My plan is to continue be myself, be happy, and keep experience new stuff 🙂


Productive days


Today I got up at 10:15 (omg, I know) and Martine picked me up around 11 to get a few errands done 🙂
I managed to not buy alot of stuff, but I did buy some sports underwear to make it a bit more warm when I’m jogging.
It’s allways interesting to go shopping with Martine, because I really don’t like shopping and she wants to buy everything she can get her eyes on. So I kinda work like her brakes. «no, you don’t need that», «you already have 2 of those», «you will use that once and never again» and so on ! I think we managed to not buy too much stuff she don’t need ^^

I have also:
– Folded my laundry
– Got more laundry going
– Exercised a little
– Cleaned the bathroom (!)
I managed to get my car stuck in the snow the other night. Had to spend about 40 mins to dig, push and try to get it loose again. In the end I did it and I could go to bed with a «happy» smile. Haha. No more snow, thank you !

Still trying to draw a bit more, but havent done as much as I should have..


After 3 hours


Yep. It took me 3 hours and I still need to do some more tomorrow.
My arms, shoulders and neck are aching ! Now I’m at Martines place to do some slacking and have some dinner 🙂


Omg snow


I just got home from my dads and a family dinner/happening/tradition along the way. And what do I get home to ?

I just had to get over it some way, parked my car on the side of the road and jumped in it. It reached to above my knees, haha. Packed my stuff in a smart way so that I only had to carry stuff one way, luckily. I did get some of it away now but I don’t feel like making alof of noise at night (neighbours), so I just have to get up tomorrow and get it done. I’ll take some pictures to show you.

My plan was to jog tomorrow, but if I take care of all that snow I dont need to. Haha.


Instead of sleeping


I do this for ten minutes. Just testing other ways of doing stuff.


Christmas stuff


Then the night is over, once again. Food has been eaten, cakes has been enjoyed and presents has been opened.
I got a DC hoodie, towel, money, two tshirts, a small handbag, a dress, two cooking books (?!), one UNICEF gift, reflective bands to use while jogging and some other random stuff 🙂 I also got a new jacket which looked awesome, but it was too big 😦 So no new jacket on me until I get back home and get it changed.

I don’t get the right Christmas feeling when I have to work during the last week before Christmas, and maybe its a part of getting older aswell. I don’t care as much about my presents anymore, and Christmas Eve does not feel as long as it used to. Even the dinner feels pretty quick these days.
It’s a bit sad letting go of the childish expectations and sneaking around the tree and the presents, but also a bit nice to not care as much and let some of the Christmas stress go.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas Eve and that you get some nice coming days with family and friends 🙂